Memorialize Your Loved Ones



We have many ways for you to remember family and friends.  You may offer a remembrance for anyone, regardless of where they are interred, or their religious affiliation.  

Just Download, complete and mail the request form to us. Download Form.



Candle Service: 

Your loved one’s name will be added to a votive candle in our chapel, we will place a lit candle in their memory each week for one year.  $175.00 donation. 

Memory Light Service: 

Your loved one’s name is placed on a memory light in our chapel, The light is illuminated continuously for one year.  $100.00 donation. 

Remembrance Mass List:

Your loved one’s name is displayed on the remembrance board near our chapel entrance every Friday, it will remain on our list for one year. $75.00 donation.

Special Remembrance:  

You can also remember someone in a unique way, and at the same time help beautify our cemetery, mausoleum  and chapel.  Please contact us for further information. (619) 264-3127